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Bingo Card ideas

If you have relegated bingo to something only old ladies play,
it is time to sit up and take notice. Bingo is taking the world by storm and how. It is no longer just numbers being called out and marked, bingo today has assumed various functions and you will be surprised at just how helpful this little bingo card template can be.

Teachers and Parents
If you are looking for a fun way to get kids interested in numbers, letters or even word associations, take a look at the various bingo card templates available. You can modify them to suit each child's needs resulting in highly differentiated instruction for the class. Household chores or classroom responsibilities can also be allotted using these bingo card templates with children who get a certain formation ( top line, bottom line, etc) receiving a special something.
Bingo cards are also a fun way to evaluate kids. Now your pop quiz can actually be something kids look forward to! Have answers printed out on the bingo card templates and call out questions. You will quickly be able to assess which kids have understood the lesson and which kids have not based on the answers they mark. For example, if you are teaching multiplication, fill the bingo card template with numbers and then call out the sum for which those numbers are the answer ( five multiplied by two ? and the child will have to tick ten) or you could reverse it and call out a number and the kids will have to tick the sum it corresponds to.

Bingo card templates can also be a great icebreaker where you can fill the grid with qualities, or birth months or something equally general and ask the children to go around trying to find out who fits where. It's especially helpful in classes with children from different cultures and ethnicities. This little activity will help children learn more about their classmates and friends and decrease discrimination that stems largely from misinformation that the children may get from unreliable sources.

Coupon books have long been a favourite with couples, but why not try something different. You can fill the bingo card template with things you would like to do together or things you would like the other person to do for you and then once you mark things off, your 'bingo' can be anything you want it to be! It is a cute way to have fun together and you can keep it going for months on end!

Fun Games
Just like at school, a bingo game can be a good icebreaker at social events or functions. It is a good way to get to know people in a room better. Ask people to RSVP with one unique thing about them and then compile this into a bingo card game with an attractive prize for the winner. This helps people move around and talk to others instead of getting bunched up into small groups of their own for the entire evening. This game will definitely get everyone talking and will make your event something many will remember!

For closer friends, you can design a drinking game using a bingo card template. Fill the grid up with embarrassing things a person would do and call them out from a list. Every time a person has done the particular embarrassing thing, they can mark it off and have a sip. When they get lines they have to take a big gulp or empty their glasses. Make sure you remember to make them recount the story behind the event! You might want to laminate the bingo cards beforehand or print them on thicker paper because there is sure to be a lot of sloshing around!

Bingo at Work
If you are working in the Human Resources department of a company and you are looking for a good way to promote inter department communication and camaraderie, a bingo card template may be just what you need. You can get each department to fill in a part of the grid and then get inter department groups to work together to point out how the function of each department benefits other departments. The first group to sort out a connection in a straight line wins.

The bingo card template can also be helpful if your company has several CSR initiatives. Design a bingo card that will serve to recognize and appreciate employees who participate in these initiatives. This will be a good morale boost for all those who participate. It will also serve to encourage more employees to participate in the CSR initiatives as people thrive on public appreciation, even if it is a little card that they can show their colleagues.
You can also suggest department heads to use this technique to set high targets and ensure their team is motivated to achieve them. Individual who acieve targets in a row or any formation the department head sees fit can then bee eligible for an award or a perk.

Classic Bingo
Last but not the least, the classic game of bingo. It's a game that is loved by all ages and is still played with much fervour! You can use the bingo card template to customize the game based on the event at which it is played at, for example a Christmas party bingo game could have a border of Christmas trees and snowmen or a bingo game played at a wedding could have the couples initials featured on the bingo card. Since your party is sure to be memorable , these customised bingo cards will serve as a keepsake so make sure you mention the date and place somewhere on the card.

If you are using the bingo card at a promotional event, you could use the blank spaces to market some features of your company or product. Or do the entire bingo card in the company's colours. It will definitely grab the consumer's attention and the information you print on it will surely be read during the course of the game.

The uses of a bingo card template are innumerable and the above ideas are just a taster of the limitless options available to you with this ageless technique!